Thursday, July 29, 2010


The past couple weeks have been insanely busy. If it keeps up, the rest of this deployment is going to go by so fast. So what I have been up to? Oooooh just opening up my day care! All the time, effort, money, little is coming together and paying off. I have two full time kids on my roster, one part time, and signing another part time tomorrow and possible a before/after school kid. I am TIRED, but I love it!

What else has been happening? Well I adopted another cat. Her name is Ginger. She is white mixed in with a red/orange on the top of her head and body (hence "Ginger"). It was not planned and I have no regrets....she is adorable and loving.

I had to say goodbye to a new friend, who in the short amount of time we spent together developed into a great friendship! Hardest part of living the military life is having to always say goodbye! Goodbye to my husband when he deploys, goodbye to my family and friends back in IL, and goodbye to my Army wife friends when they move. Everything else is easy pie...but goodbyes suck!

But all in all im doing pretty good. Yes, I am still alive and kickin.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adventures in the Gym

Going to the gym is always a trip. There are always many obstacles I must overcome, more so than my everlasting lack of motivation. Let us begin with the cardio room. I emerge from the locker room with my pink headphones attacked to my pink ipod, with my pink water bottle in my hand. I squeeze in between Sally and Sara and start my workout. This is where my self-esteem crashes. Sally is a size -10 (yes negative), with her elliptical on level 10. I sneak a peek to her screen and see she has been on for 45 minutes already. Her clothes are completely dry and the only sweat coming from her is a glisten of mist on her hairline. On the other side is Sara. Sara weighs 100 lbs more than me and is practically going backwards. I start my 30 minute planned workout at around a 2. A few minutes into it, I look like I just jumped into a pool. I look at Sally, who is effortlessly making me want to throw up. She looks at me like im wasting my time. I can only imagine what Sara is thinking.

Cardio is done. I walk to the locker room pouring in sweat, time to get ready for strength training. I go into the weight area and immediately realize that im only one of two women in there. The other is a butch lesbian with guns bigger than most the guys. Okay.....I check my training card and proceed to begin my exercise on the machine. A few reps in, I hear a loud BAM, and practically jump up to the ceiling. A second later, I realized it was THAT guy. You know the one, with his basketball shorts and tank top, one arm is bigger than the other because he is over there trying to lift 500lbs. His form is shitty, but it doesn't matter because he can lift 500lbs. Who cares if his uneven arm makes him look like he spends his days masturbating with the same hand. He can lift 500lbs. And he has to have everyone's attention, to prove that he is the strongest guy here. I go back to lifting my 20lbs, crank up the ipod, this will be over soon....

It is tradition that things always break when they leave

Since my husband has left for his vacation to Afghanistan, everything has decided to break. First it was my brand new laptop. Three months into it, I still haven't took it to go get fixed. Then it was my car window's motor. $350. I could have bought a new purse with that. Then it was Oscar, my cat. I am pretty sure his lungs were broke, because for two weeks he was trying to cough them out. Now my mom is in the hospital. I think the next thing to break might be my sanity.